Rest in Peace, Robbie the Robin (2014)


All winter and spring of 2014, robins followed me around, hopping towards me as I sat on benches and walked around the city. It all finally ended when I found a dead robin at my feet after I had watched the sunrise one morning in March. 

As a person who doesn't believe in mere coincidence, I quickly decided to search up the symbolism of robins. As an honor Robbie, I held a funeral for him and buried him close to where I found him that morning.

Description of pictures:

  1. Robbie, when I found him on Flagstaff Hill.
  2. The casket I decorated for Robbie.
  3. The casket in the gravesite.
  4. I still visit Robbie today. One morning, when I went to see him, I another robin landed on top of his grave.