Currently, I am:

  • a new resident of NYC! If you're in the area, let's get coffee!
  • a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied Creative Writing and Art.
  • a Publicity Assistant for Riverhead Books and an Art Editor at Winter Tangerine.
  • planning to volunteer at a local animal shelter, & trying to find new ways to keep up the creativity when I'm away from the desk!

My work is a collection of myself, exaggerated and understated. I tend to focus on language, memory, and meaning. I am interested in telling stories in nontraditional ways, as well as the ways in which the integration of visual and written communication can be more impactful than using either medium alone. 

I like plants, trying new recipes, animals (and those shows about animals that play on weekend mornings), horoscopes, bacon, and bread.

Email me! jenniferhuang11 @

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